Laura Santini

A researcher (English Literature MA and PhD), lecturer (ESP, EAP, translation), journalist and theatre critic, Laura Santini’s main research work deals with the impact of the new technologies on novel writing (see paper “E-pistolary Novels in the 21st-century We-Culture: recreating a genre”) and with crowdsourcing translation and MOOCs. Published in Journalism and Mass Communication (2015), her paper “Online edutainment videos: expert discourse and knowledge dissemination recontextualised in TED talks” was a seminal work on TED Talks.

Recently she has been involved into two interdisciplinary research groups: the first, ARGEC -Atelier de recherche Génois sur les écritures contemporaines, focuses on inter-, trans- and multimedial narratives. Her paper “The new technologies and the novel: re-coding narrative in book form”, is to appear in Recherches sémiotiques/Semiotic Inquiry. The second revolves around literature and the city. A paper on Douglas Coupland’s fiction, submitted early in 2017, is to be issued in the online journal Publif@rum (“Mappe aperte nella narrativa speculativa di Douglas Coupland: dal centro al margine, dal dove al come, dall’io al noi”).


Elisa Bricco

Professeur de Littérature Française. Responsable du carnet.

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